Types of drug preparation

Aerosol spray or foam - a liquid, powder or foam deposited in a thin layer on the skin by air pressure.
1) Aerosol spray or foam - a liquid, powder or foam deposited in a thin layer on the skin by air pressure. 
2) Aqueous solution - one or more drugs dissolved in water 
3) Aqueous suspension - one or more drugs finely divided in a liquid such as water 
4) Caplet - a solid form, shaped like a capsule, coated and easily swallowed 
5) Capsule - a gelatinous container to hold a drug in powder, liquid or oil form 
6) Cream - a non-greasy, semisolid preparation used on the skin 
7) Elixir - a sweetened and aromatic solution of alcohol used as a vehicle for medicinal agents 
8) Extract - a concentrated form of a drug made from vegetables or animals 
9) Gel or jelly - A clear or translucent semisolid that liquefies when applied to the skin 
10) Liniment - a medication mixed with alcohol, oil or soapy emollient and applied to the skin 
11) Lotion - a medication in a liquid suspension applied to the skin 
12) Lozenge (troche) - a flat, round or oval preparation that dissolves and releases a drug when held in the mouth. 
13) Ointment (salve, unction) - a semisolid preparation of one or more drugs used for application to the skin and mucous membrane 
14) Paste - a preparation like an ointment, but thicker and stiff, that penetrates skin less than an ointment 
15) Pill - one or more drugs mixed with a cohesive material, in oval, round or flattened shapes 
16) Powder - a finely ground drug or drugs; some are used internally, others externally 
17) Suppository - one or several drugs mixed with a firm base such as gelatin and shaped for insertion into the body (e.g. the rectum); the base dissolves gradually at body temperature, releasing the drug 
18) Syrup - an aqueous solution of sugar often used to disguise unpleasant tasting drugs 
19) Tablet - a powdered drug compressed into a small hard disc, some are readily broken along a scored line, others are enteric coated to prevent them from dissolving in the stomach 
20) Tincture - an alcoholic or water-and-alcohol solution prepared from drugs derived from plants 
21) Transdermal patch - a semi-permeable membrane shaped in the form of a disc or patch that contains a drug to be absorbed through the skin over a long period of time
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