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Q. Can acupuncture cause bleeding?
I’m thinking to try acupuncture for back pain I have for many months (long story, so far nothing helped), but I’m afraid it’ll cause bruises and bleeding – last week when the nurse draw blood from my arm she left a green sign that lasted almost a week. Is it dangerous? Can it cause infection?
A. No, acupuncture does not cause bleeding.
However, it is sometimes impossible to avoid superficial capillaries lying close to the skin surface, in which case a drop of blood or a slight discoloration of the skin may occur upon needle removal. This is especially likely to happen to patients who are taking blood-thinning medications or to elderly patients whose blood vessel walls are less elastic. This is a normal occurrence in acupuncture treatments and will disappear by itself. Vitamin C may be taken to speed the absorption of any discoloration.
Hope this helps.
Q. Can someone tell me about acupuncture treatment?
Hello, I have fixed an appointment next week with my doctor for getting treated with cupping for my arthritis. Earlier I had acupuncture treatment which has given me some relief and they have decided to give me this treatment. Can someone tell me about it?
Q. what do you think of acupucture for treating ADHD?? Ive heard some recommendations about it lately. does it hurt? is it officialy working??
A. I understand that acupuncture is rather painless, and clearly is a better alternative than cocaine in a pill, which is what psychotropic drugs for ADD are, on a molecular level.
Hope it proves to be beneficial
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