Medical Advisory Board
DAIBIO Corporation and Daibio Family Medicine Clinic - are a collection of professors, doctors of science, masters, doctors, medical doctors, pharmacists, engineers in the family of traditional medicine. In 1796, following the Le lineages history with the Emperor Khai Quoc, such as Emperor Le Thai To, Emperor Le Thanh Tong ..., Le family in Son An Huong Son Ha Tinh and family lines Famous fondness for learning in Vietnam such as Nguyễn Khắc, Đái Duy ... has many of Vietnams famous names such as Le Van Le Institute Le Nguyen Le Institute, Luong Y Tham Bien Phu Le Kinh Hap, Doctor Le Khanh Lam, Medical Doctor Nguyen Khac Vien, and Dr. Le Khanh Dong, Doctor Le Khanh Dong, and Colonel Doctor Le Khac Thien, Professor of Institute of Graduate Studies
Vietnamese Traditional Medicine
Research has been conducted on 40 herbicides with potent anti-viral and anti-HIV and immunological enhancement effects in Vietnam.


Tin Nóng

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