Vice Minister under Nguyen Dynasty Le Khanh Lam (Le Quy Bac)

Home Land: Son An Commune, Hương Sơn District, Hà Tĩnh Province.


Under Nguyen Dynasty, he took responsiblity for Doctor in Hương Sơn Tỉnh Hà Tĩnh then he was Director at Lệ Thủy District, Quảng Đại, Vice Director to protect Hue Capital. Later on, he was Vice Minister in General Affair in Hue Capital.



He was very honest, upright, or help the poor. He good vocational doing, gardeners planting, bee keeping. When in the city of Hue, despite being served even the ceremony in the court, he is going to help people cure diseases such as cholera (Cholera) raging all over the place, he was very enthusiastic cure and highly effective. He retired after the Japanese took over the French in French IndoChina. After the revolution, he mainly worked in medicine and healing. After the August Revolution, he dit not follow french and he took his whole family to his home land as Son An, Huong Son. He has participated in the National Elder Association and died September 3 (1954). He had many traditional medicine method for next generations following in traditional medicine later.


His relatives have such a lot of famous medical doctor people as National Medical Herbelist Le Khanh Quyen who is the private doctor for  National General Secretary Le Duan, National General Secretary Truong Chinh, and had had good results. He is intelligent, courageous resistance concept education about traditional medicine intensive. Professor Medical Doctor Le Kinh Due and Colonel Dr Le Khac Thien is also his closed relative. These are big trees in the health of Vietnam and set the foundation in demathology in Vietnam.


His children have made significant contributions to the country as Medial Doctor Le Khanh Dong was one of the founding members of the Traditional Medicine Faculty of Hanoi Medical University and the National Hospital of Traditional Medicine in Vietnam. He was the Director of Nghệ An Provincial Health Service as well as the Director of the Vinh Hospital (1953–1957). He was the head of Training Department of the National Hospital of Traditional Medicine in Vietnam (from 1958 to 1970). One of people to set the corner stone for family to persue Traditional Medicine and then the next generation make Daibio Traditional Medicine Great Family Clinic Company; Professor Le Khanh Bang served as chairman of the Department of Theoretical teaching, Hanoi University of Education and Chairman of the National level project: "Improving teaching in Universities and Colleges"; Professor Le Khanh Trai is the leading expert on traditional medicine. He has many research probability applied mathematics, advanced mathematics and applied in traditional medicine; Le Khanh Can was in charge of the Central Campus of the Communist Party in the Chinese in the begining time of the war against France...


Tin Nóng

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