The application of biotechnology
Industrial biotechnology applies the techniques of modern molecular biology to improve the efficiency and reduce the environmental impacts of industrial processes like textile, paper and pulp.
Animal Biotechnology
The government strives to protect the health and safety of humans, animals and the environment through on-going safety assessments
Pharmaceutical Applicances
Healthcare companies, especially pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and biotech companies, often experience discrete sudden share movements due to unexpected events such as FDA drug approval or rejecti...
Microbial Fermentation Technology
Bacteria come in a variety of forms, sizes, and arrangements. The diameter of the majority of bacteria varies between 0.2 ¸ 2.0 m m and a body length of 2.0 ¸ 8.0 m.
Recombinant DNA Technology
Biotechnology is an industrial process that uses the scientific research on DNA for practical benefits. Biotechnology is synonymous with genetic engineering because the genes of an organism are change..
Concept and Principles
Specific applications of genetic engineering are abundant and increasing rapidly in number. Genetic engineering is being used in the production of pharmaceuticals, gene therapy, and the development of..


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