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Following the history of the Le Family with Le Dynasty having the Emperors who making Vietnam Nation as Emperor Le Thai To, Emperor Le Thanh Tong...  DAIBIO Great Family has as such reputational doctors as Academy Physician Le Nguyen Le, State Government Physician Le Kinh Hap, Maderin vice Minister under Nguyen dynasty Physician Le Quy Bac, Minister under Nguyen dynasty Nguyen Khac Niem, Politician Medical Doctor Nguyen Khac Vien, Prof. Dr Le Kinh Due, Dr. Le Khanh Dong, Professor pharmacist Le Khanh Trai, Colonel doctor Le Khac Thien, Prof. Aca. Dr. Dai Duy Ban ... These are the people who make the foundation for their next generations following DAIBIO Great Family since the year 1796.
DAIBIO has pursued the Health Goals as follows:
Patient is Center, Science is Motivation, Quality is Assurance and the Poors Health Promotion

DAIBIO was awarded GOLD Prize at World Quality Commitment in Paris - France in 2014. DAIBIO has cooperated with National Academy of Science in USA, National Academy of Science in Vietnam and many renowned Hospitals and Universities.
DAIBIO has been registered in National Office of Intellectual Property in Vietnam, DAIBIO has been granted certificate licenses from Vietnamese Ministry of Health, DAIBIO was awarded GOLD Medal from Health Newspaper and National Television in Vietnam as well as the Quality Products for Consumer Selection.




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