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Following the history of the Le Family with Le Dynasty having the Emperors who making Vietnam Nation as Emperor Le Thai To, Emperor Le Thanh Tong... the Le Family in Son An, Huong Son, Ha Tinh and Nguyen Khac family (the family of Medical Doctor Le Khanh Dongs wife, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Vang) has such reputational doctors as Academy Physician Le Nguyen Le, State Government Physician Le Kinh Hap, Maderin vice Minister under Nguyen dynasty Physician Le Khanh Lam (Le Quy Bac), Minister under Nguyen dynasty Nguyen Khac Niem, Politician Medical Doctor Nguyen Khac Vien, Physician Le Khanh Quyen, Prof. Dr Le Kinh Due, Dr. Le Khanh Dong, Professor pharmacist Le Khanh Trai, Colonel doctor Le Khac Thien ... These are the people who make the foundation for their next generations following DAIBIO Traditional Medicine Great Family since the year 1796.
Le Khanh Family has relationship with family of Professor Academician Scientific Doctor Dai Duy Ban, Prof. Dai Duy Ban is the founder DAIBIO Traditional Medicine Clinic Joint Stock Company. DAIBIO is the group of Professor, Phd, Masters, Doctors, Physicians, Pharmacy, Engineers in Famous Families to develop DAIBIO Traditional Medicine since the year 1796.
DAIBIO Company has pursued the Health Goals as follows:
Patient is Center, Science is Motivation, Quality is Assurance and the Poors Health Promotion





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