PhD. Medical Doctor Lu Thi Cam Van

PhD. Medical Doctor Lu Thi Cam Van

Born: 04/12/1944

Home Land: Hà Toại, Hà Trung, Thanh Hóa

1963 - 1969: Medical Doctor Graduated in Hanoi Medical University.

1969 - 1989: Diagnosis Department Manager at Ear, Nose and Throat National Hospital.

1982 - 1989: Medial PhD. at Hanoi Medical University

1972 - 1990: Member of People Council in Hai Ba Trung District of Hanoi

1990 - 1991: PhD Research in Poland

1992 - 1999: Cancer Research in Vietnam National Science and Technology.

2000 - Now: She has been as Advisor DAIBIO Company.



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