Minister under Nguyen Dynasty Doctor Nguyen Khac Niem

Minister under Nguyen Dynasty Doctor Nguyen Khac Niem (1889-1954) is the great madarin under Nguyen Dynasty. He was Vice Minister of Justice, Minister of Ministry of Foreign Affair, Acting Governor of Thanh Hoa Province under Nguyen Dynasty
   In 1906 he passed the Bachelor, Nghe An examination
   Dr. Nguyen Khac Niem gained second-rank doctor in 1907 at Thanh Thai Emperor in Son Hoa commune, Huong Son district, Ha Tinh province.
   He was appointed judge Examination 1910 in Hue Capital. In 1920, he was appointed director of Nghe An Examination Course, responsible for the organization of the French school in Nghe An.
   Then he was assigned to the capital holding the position of National University, and even the Ministry, twice held the Phu Doan Thua Thien (1936 and 1938), Chief Management in Khanh Hoa Procince, Chairman of the Research Committee Convention in Hue Capital and Vice Minister of Justice, Minister of Ministry of Foreign Affair.
   August / 1941, he was the acting Thanh Hoa Governor
   February / 1942, he applied for retirement.
   After 1945, he was actively involved in the local commune Peoples Council and member at Lien Viet Association.
   In 1952, he was invited by the government of Vietnam in Hanoi howerver, his health is not good so he could not attend.
   He created many traditional medicine to help Vietnamese people better. This is the corner stone of spirit for Daibio Traditional Medicine Great Family Clinic Company doing today.
   During the Vietnamese land reform, he was denounced, arrested and died in his home in 1954.
His children are successful people, have great success in Vietnam.
   Nguyen Thi Vang: Former official in Vietnamese National Traditional Medicine Hospital.
   Nguyen Khac Vien: medical doctor, a great culture men of Vietnam.
   Nguyen Thi Thieu Anh: Former official in Bach Mai Hospital.
   Nguyen Khac Duong: Gained the theological doctoral thesis at the University of Sorbon. He was the Acting Dean of Arts-Philosophy Institute of the University Da Lat.
   Nguyen Khac Phe: Writer, President of the Vietnam Writers Association in Thua Thien-Hue, the former vice chairman of the Literature and Art of Thua Thien-Hue province.
   Nguyen Khac Phi: literature professor, lecturer at the University of Education Hanoi and Vinh University, former chief editor of National Publishing Education.
   Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao: former Head of Research and Member of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Womens Union


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