Researches in DAIBIO Traditional Medicine Clinic Corporation

DAIBIO Traditional Medicine Clinic Corporation has been known as the leading center in Biotechnology, oriental medicine/drug. DAIBIO has researched and investigated 17 remedies to improve patient’s health with 105 books and 305 projects which are translated into many languages all over the world.

The first time in Vietnam, DAIBIO Clinic Corp. discovered the Cordyceps sinensis as Isaria cerambycidae N.SP. to develop Fermentation DAIBIO Cordyceps Sinensis. The achievement in DAIBIO is the anti-cancer medical product. It is the result of almost experiments on thousands of mice. DAIBIO sets up and also develops the products for DAIBIO Company as DAIBIO Traditional Medicine Shampoo, hair care and skin care Xuan Hong, anti-cancer, HIV/AIDS drugs, veterinary medicine, drugs for stomach DAIVIDA, drugs for other anti-diseases as (liver, kidney, heart, blood pressure, lung, match...) Functional Foods and Biology Medicines. "We will lag far behind forever if we follow what other countries are taking, but if we apply chemicals and radiotherapy, it will be harmful to body and cause many side effects such as hair loss, kidney sufferings, etc and especially, it costs a lot of money. Each medical treatment can amount to not less than 20 millions VND. Therefore, according to the oriental traditional medical practice, we will take advantage of our forefather experiences" Prof. Dr. Dai Duy Ban in DAIBIO said.

During the years of study and research, DAIBIO has found the enzyme alkaline fosfataza on intestinal mucosa of experimental animals. From there, DAIBIO opened to research some other enzymes in metabolic cycle gluxit to render a comprehensive picture of metabolic changes of the animal environment. After three years, the work had been completed in 2016.



Tin Nóng

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