Professor Le Khanh Bang

Prof. Le Khanh Bang

Born: 1927


Home Land: Sơn An, Hương Sơn, Hà Tĩnh


He is in a prestigious Le Khanh families in Huong Son, Ha Tinh, his father was Le Khanh Lam also known as Le Quy Bac who held the responsibility as Vice Minister under Nguyen Dynasty from 1937 to 1941. He learned very well and can speak 5 languagues fluently. He is the 20th descendant of the King Lê Thái Tổ the founder of the famous Later Lê Dynasty of Vietnam. His brothers is Doctor Le Khanh Dong, Prof. Pharmacist Le Khanh Trai, Doctor Le Thi Hoa,... who have contributed so much for Vietnamese Traditional Medicine.


He graduated in Hanoi University of Education then worked as primary lecture for innovation. He was the manager at Psychology Department under Hanoi University of Education and controlled the National Project "Innovation Learning Method in Universities and Colleges" as Student-Centered.


He taught english by meditation. It is the new way to approach english for reading, listening, writing, speaking and bring it into our mind not just doing.


Now, he also works as Advisor for DAIBIO Company.


Tin Nóng

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